my first street scene ever. it had its positives and many negatives. my number one positive was getting to see spoon...i am happy (check the youtube for my videos). another positive was blood is the new black were selling discounted shirts, i picked up two. other than that i was pretty annoyed. it was an all ages show and I think I saw a few 9 year olds (the young ones scare me, they are total dicks). i did not like that i couldn't see entire sets of some of the bands i looked forward to seeing. i had to cut out after two songs of mgmt only because the closer i got to the stage the less i could see. and from a far the sound was really bad. I cut out of new pornographers after one song just so i could find a good spot to stand during tv on the radio (i did not miss much, N.P. was a disappointment). during tv on the radio i was harassed by 6ft tall high schoolers who were upset that i made my way through them. i just didn't want my nose up to their backs the entire show! then i cut out of tv on the radio after two songs so that i could get up front for spoon. after spoon i grabbed a polish sausage and strawberry lemonade and watched justice at a distance. they were a glowing jesus cross and fog smoke galore. i thought i was at a techno vampire cemetery. it basically turned into a european rave at that point...and that's when i left. next day i was sick from food poisoning...could it have been the festival food?...probably.

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